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Gupchup Aur Chai

Gupchup Aur Chai

Chai or tea as the world knows it to be is one of the most served and consumed beverages in the world. For a lot of people, it’s just a beverage but when it comes to Asia, tea is an emotion. Nothing is too big a task to pause when there is tea to be had - not once but multiple times a day. Tea is part of the culture of Asia, which is woven into the fabric of society. 

The Charm of Tea Shops

At every corner in big and small cities, you have these small tea shops bringing to you that aroma of freshly brewed tea with some delicious, deep-fried treats that make your tummy growl with desire. Tea shops are abuzz with friends, neighbours, family members or random strangers talking endlessly about the latest controversy to affect their lives. There’s harmony in the chorus of voices and the comforting aroma of a blissful cup of hot tea.

The Homeliness of Tea 

No Asian home is complete without its own collection of tea. Whether it’s a breakfast tea, green tea,  jasmine tea or even masala chai, every home has its own set and every family member has their favourite flavour. Coming home from school to find your grandma and mom sipping on a hot cup of tea before lunch and then on another a little while after is a memory many share. Of course, then the  cookie jar accompanying the tea was of greater interest! At times one would think that what flows through one’s veins in Asia is tea. There is a certain comfort and homeliness invoked in each cup. In fact, tea is the first thing offered to a guest entering ma

History and Tea

Tea has played a major role in historical events too, from the Mercantile protest of 1773 in the form of the Boston Tea Party in what is now the United States of America, to the first war fought over the requirement for tea in China in 1839 also known as the first Opium War which was fought over the supply of tea and silks. Today, the largest producers of tea are China, India, Sri Lanka and Kenya.

Business of Tea

So great is the significance of this humble brew that it continues to bear witness to spirited discussion on politics, great business ideas, lengthy negotiations, and festive celebrations. Many a sorrow have also been drowned in a cup of tea. No matter how big or small a moment, tea is a sentiment that is best shared with company. Chai Cutting, a phrase popular in Mumbai, implies a cup of tea is shared between friends.

Tea Ceremonies

For many centuries tea has played a strong cultural role in Asian society. China, Japan and Korea have formal Tea ceremonies which symbolize purity, tranquility, refinement, respect and harmony. Some of these ceremonies can last up to 4 hours. It is an amplification of art, spirituality and etiquette. Nowadays it is practiced as a hobby, where even tourists can experience it. There are varying levels of authenticity and formality. 

Whatever be the reason, tea is a gift to be shared. Our unique and exquisite gift boxes bring together all these emotions and nostalgia so you can share it with someone to celebrate love, to congratulate success, to say hello or simply to enjoy a good ol’ cup of chai.

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