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The Shaadi Vaadi Box

The Shaadi Vaadi Box

She is sitting upright and still in her pure silk blouse and sari in-skirt, while her make up artist carefully paints her eyelid with kajal. Her eyes are closed but her mind is filled with excitement, nostalgia and sentiment all at once. Suddenly she says, “Did we bring that set of green bangles, didi?” And her sister takes out a pretty little potli (pouch) filled with various accessories. “Of course, they are right here. Don’t worry, you just get ready, everything is taken care of,” comes the reassuring response from Didi. 

A wedding is no small task to commandeer. But most siblings happily take on this task of being the wedding planner without so much as batting an eyelid. With great gusto an excel sheet is opened and saved with the bride’s name and then… err, what should we start with? One second, let’s just look up wedding planning on the internet and check where we can begin. 

Peacock Moon’s Shaadi Vaadi Box removes this little element of uncertainty by introducing to you the Wedding Planner. It’s a wedding planner suited for an Indian wedding, with all the queues marked and checklists ready. A step-by-step guide along with essential tips and guidelines to help you plan your perfect wedding. 

This lovely bridal giftbox also includes a gorgeous red and gold embroidered potli which can be used for jewellery, accessories and other precious things. It is handy and beautiful. A pretty trousseau cover is a must-have for every bride, which is why this essential piece is also included in the Shaadi Vaadi giftbox. 

Once, a woman mentioned that when a baby girl is born in their village community, she is bathed with turmeric regularly till the age of puberty. This is the natural way to ensure great skin, a good complexion and it helps to curtail body hair growth.

Turmeric also known as haldi has so many medicinal – it is an anti-inflammatory, anti-fungal and anti-bacterial herb/spice. Its consumption in food is known to have a great many more benefits, which is why mom always adds it to gravies, side dishes and even the humble aloo fry!

The magical properties of the golden turmeric are understated. When it is wedding season though, it is every bride’s best friend. In days of yore, haldi was used to treat facial hair, blemishes and to remove tan. This little ritual has remained sacrosanct as far as bridal treatments go even today. A paste is made by mixing turmeric with sandalwood, milk or rose water. It is considered auspicious for a bride and groom to keep away nazar (evil eye) and the colour yellow is also considered auspicious in a wedding as it ushers a life of prosperity for the young couple. 

All these great benefits cannot be saved just for a single day, which is why our bridal box includes a Haldi CBD Mask and Haldi soap so that the bride-to-be can begin her skincare regimen well in advance. Every bride-to-be deserves a stress-free, happy and special run up to her wedding day. It is with these thoughts and keeping in mind the sanctity of a traditional Indian wedding that the Shaadi Vaadi Box from Peacock Moon has been curated. 

The Shaadi Vaadi Box includes a wedding planner (Indian weddings), a red & gold embroidered potli, a trousseau cover, haldi CBD mask and haldi soap.

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