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Holi Hai!

Lord Krishna felt he was too dark and wondered if he was good enough for the ever so fair Radha. So one day, his mother Yashoda playfully opined that he could smear colour on Radha’s face and chang...
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'tis The Season

Dear ol’ uncle plays a joyful tune on the piano while grandma and dad delight everyone with their renditions of famous Christmas carols. Soon everyone is singing and dancing, with many happily ineb...
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Gupchup Aur Chai

Chai or tea as the world knows it to be is one of the most served and consumed beverages in the world. For a lot of people, it’s just a beverage but when it comes to Asia, tea is an emotion. Nothin...
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The Shaadi Vaadi Box

She is sitting upright and still in her pure silk blouse and sari in-skirt, while her make up artist carefully paints her eyelid with kajal. Her eyes are closed but her mind is filled with exciteme...
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Home in a Teacup

My hometown of Chennai is getting battered by rains once again and there is widespread flooding, power cuts and evacuations happening. While flooding has become more common the past few years, ther...
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Tea & Tiffin

Hot bajjis, coconut chutney and chai – the stuff that dreams are made of. If it is the monsoon season, then this idyllic pastime is especially compelling.  ‘Tea and tiffin’ is the South Indian’s hi...
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